Civil Law

Practice in consultive and litigious demands that involve Civil Law, seeking innovative and assertive legal solutions. EAA acts with vast professional experience and a multidisciplinary team, rendering consulting and preventive legal services, as well as acting in cases involving mediation and arbitration, or even representing its clients’ interests in judicial litigation.

We highlight the practice of the following acts in this area:

  • Attendance to consultations, meetings and drafting of technical opinions;
  • Filing of lawsuits, elaboration of defenses and monitoring of procedures;
  • Attendance to hearings, production of expert evidence, and settlements;
  • Practice in appeals, before State and Regional Federal Appellate Courts and Superior Courts (STJ and STF);
  • Practice in matters involving law of obligations;
  • Practice in the ambit of contractual or extracontractual civil liability;
  • Practice in matters involving law of possession or property of goods;
  • Practice in family and succession law; and
  • Recovery of credit in collection and execution lawsuits.