Corporate Penal Law

Specialized practice in cases involving Corporate Penal Law, offering legal advice, as well as in procedural representation to its clients in inquiries, lawsuits, or appeals.

We highlight the practice of the following acts in this area:

  • Defense of the company and its partners when actioned in the penal sphere;
  • Monitoring of police inquiries that involve corporate questions;
  • Monitoring of judicial measures and criminal investigations;
  • Practice in matters that involve tax crimes;
  • Practice in matters that involve offenses against public administration;
  • Practice in matters that involve environmental crimes;
  • Legal assistance in matters involving crimes against consumer relationship, crimes against honor, crimes in public procurement, election crimes, between others.

Awards and Acknowledgement

  • 2008. Análise Advocacia.
  • 2020. Análise Advocacia.
  • 2021. Análise Advocacia.