Luciana Cristina Escanhoela Propheta - Lawyer

Professional Experience

Started her legal career as a Judiciary Technical Clerk in the 2nd Criminal Court of the Judicial Court of Sorocaba in 1993. Practices as a lawyer in EAA Escanhoela Advogados Associados since 1996, in the consultive and litigious areas, especially with activities in the areas of Collective and Individual Labor Law, catering to various sectors.

Academic Education

  • Graduate in Law by the Faculdade de Direito de Sorocaba – 1993;
  • Postgraduate in Labor Law and Procedure by the Universidade Gama Filho (Distance Learning Platform – Marcato Cursos Jurídicos); and
  • Specialization in Union Relations – WCCA – Campinas/SP – 2019.



Awards and Acknowledgement